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Kickin' it With a New Design

Sunday March 07, 2004

Here it is, the unveiling of the new site design - LegendsFantasy 1.0! One new feature you will notice is the "Commissions" page. I am now doing some work on the side for the sheer fun of drawing comics. I'm using the proceeds to pay for web page costs. If you have a favorite character (Legends or non-Legends) that you would like to have a custom-drawn fully-inked picture of, feel free to email me. Another page is the "About me" page. Here, you will find out more about me and what's wrong with my brain.
     I am still hard at work on the new comic book, chapter 4 of "Secret of the Ancients," and it's coming along pretty well. I have completed about half of the pages in rough pencils, but all of the pages are already laid out and ready to be drawn. I hope to have it finished by, oh, the end of this millenium if I'm lucky.
     Also, be sure to read the post below from 03/02. You can help save the world of Fandar =)

Server Fees Galore

Tuesday March 02, 2004

Legends is in need of your help. Today was the last day of web hosting on my server, and I could only afford 3 more months of hosting. The revenue generated by the web page doesn't even come close to paying my server fees, so I will soon be forced to either find a free server (with banner ads, pop-up ads, etc.) or take the site down completely. I will do everything I can to avoid the latter. After May 31st, the site may be in danger. If you want to help, there are a few ways to do so. One way would be to make a donation. Just a couple of dollars would help out a lot. Another way would be to check out my auctions. I have been doing some commissions lately, but even the $$ I get for this isn't enough to pay to keep Legends going. Bid on my art commission, and I will draw any character you want with a really cool background! Just check out My auction page for details! Seriously, you won't be disappointed! Another way to help would be to visit the Legends Store to get your own Legends T-shirt for only $10! The final way that you can help is go to the Comics section of the homepage and purchase a couple of comics. The comics listed are the first three in an epic saga, with more to come (hopefully!!), and are packed with action, adventure, mysterious characters, creatures, and humor. They are now only $1! I'm working on a brand new site design which will really blow you away, and I'd hate not to be able to finish it! So, all you have to do is click on the links above and contribute, and I will be your best friend in the whole world.

Filthyweb 1.2

Sunday February 08, 2004

Upgraded to FilthyWeb 1.2! (Also stopped my PayPal account from charging shipping for eBooks. oops!) Sign the guestbook and let me know if you like the new eBooks. Plus, the new comics page is snazzier, so check it out! Because Filthius said so!

Filthius' Comic Ebooks

Friday February 06, 2004

Hi, Filthius here again. I want everyone to know that I am not a bad person just because I am an executioner. Just because I like to knock back a few beers and chop off a couple people's heads, does that really make me a bad person? I mean, I like to go out to dinner, and to see a movie like everyone else. That is, if there's enough gore in it. Ah, who am I kidding, anyway? I'm taking over the place, and that's all there is to it. J.T. tried to beat me down last night with a sledge hammer, but I escaped. I'm a little bruised and battered, but I got him with a pitchfork. Heh. That'll teach him. Uh, hold on, he's coming.
Filthius:     "Oh, see you around. here. What's going on?"
J.T:           "Oh, nothing much. Now, don't go spreading lies any more on the web page again, okay? I wouldn't want to have to break out the scissors again."
Filthius:     " Oh, ha, ha. Yeah......"
Okay, now he's gone, the dirty...anyway, we've put together all the comics in eBook format, and put them on the comics page. Go and check them out...they're Fabulous.

Introducing Your New Master

Monday December 01, 2003

Welcome...I am Filthius, master...of the web! Cross me and you'll be doing pushups with your fingernails...with a rhinocerous tied to your back! I will make you pay! -Ahem.- Excuse me, I am quite excited about my new job, master...of the web, here at the Legends Fantasy Comics homepage. When I heard about the job opening, I went and told my fellow workers in the Executioners' Union that I may not be hanging around for much longer, and when I got the part, FEH! I spat in their dirty faces and rubbed dirt in it until it became mud! Now...regretfully, I miss the old job of whacking off a few heads, burning some witches at the stake, much fun, really, but it gets old after awhile. You know, having to go into classrooms, and teach little kiddies that they need not be naughty, or they will get their heads removed by the executioner's sturdy blade! I would tie them down on the chopping block, and WHACK! their little thinking noodles go running everywhere. But then, that's when the teacher got offended, and the little kiddies, they went running around the room like crazed little criminals, and I had to beat a couple off of me because they were biting my legs, and they reminded me of a gang of rabid midgets I once executed, so... guess I overreacted when I pulled a bookcase over on top of them and jumped up and own on it, as they screamed helplessly...yes, maybe I overreacted a little. But, it was fun. Anyway, as master...of the web, Filthius commands that you look at some of the nifty little stories and characters and happy little things we have here. I know of the Ancients and their powers to tell the future, and their dealings with time and space and everything in between. I will tell you more of this when you return...

Into the Basement, Rat!

Saturday January 31, 2004

Hullo, again. Filthius here. I'm glad you dropped by, because the latest 24-page chapter in the epic saga Secret of the Ancients is available! While I've been busy chopping off thinking caps, J.T. has been putting on the finishing touches in his hollowed-out dirt hole in the basement. Not that it's all that great, I mean, I could have done a better job of course, but you might give the little rat a chance and look at the details for his latest form of mindless drivel, "The Bad Son." That is, if you don't mind throwing up at the sight of an idiot's tasteless scribblings.

Dual Edge Nugget Cutter

Thursday January 22, 2004

Oh, yes, you can praise my ingeniousness once again, because Filthius has improved upon the sloppy, maggot-infested web design from days gone past. I call it "FilthyWeb 1.0." No need for applause, please. I get enough of that everywhere else I go. Anyway, ideas are swarming, and heads are bursting around here, so check back for updates. That is, if you're not scared that I, Filthius the Executioner, will be angered by your presence and take off your head with my dual-edge nugget cutter!

Filthius Strikes Again

Monday January 19, 2004

Hello again, little Filthies! It's time to bring you up to date once again. The servant has been spending quite a bit of time in his quarters lettering chapter 3, "The Bad Son," and doing concept sketches for the next chapter. Follow the link to look at some of the concept sketches for chapter 4 that I have stolen!

Don't Make Filthius Kill You...

Wednesday January 07, 2004

There you are! I know you have missed Filthius, so I return with a character sketch from chapter 4 of "Secret of the Ancients!" At this time, I cannot tell you any more than her name is Filantia. That is all I can say. If I were to tell you more, I would have to kill you. And that would be fun.

My Guestbook

Friday January 03, 2003

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I am Locked in a Cellar. HELP!

Saturday January 03, 2004

Hi, this is J.T., the writer and artist of Legends. Filthius is busy writing himself fan mail, because he never recieves any, so I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know he needs someone to write in and tell him how much of a jerk he is. I tell him all the time, but his ego has gotten so huge, that he beats me and locks me in the basement with all the...rats, and there's no sunlight, just the sound of dripping water...*ahem* um, I'll go now before he reads this and distributes the daily beating early today. Please let him know how horrible he is by clicking on the guestbook link. Please!

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