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"Generation's Dawning" Pages in the Works

Monday May 03, 2004

I'm still working on the first set of Bounce anthology pages, so I expect to have them fully inked maybe by the end of the week. I have been doing some crazy spring cleaning around the house, so it's been kind of slow going getting it done. I'm experimenting with some shading techniques (like in today's preview art), so I plan on going over the pages digitally after they're finished and adding more depth. Check back soon, I will be posting some "Generation's Dawning" preview art in a few days.

Legends to be Included in the Bounce Magazine Comics Anthology

Wednesday April 28, 2004

I've been trying to find time to update, but I've been working on getting some pages together for a special project that is scheduled to go into print sometime in July. It is called Bounce Magazine, and it is an anthology of many webcomics printed in paper format!

When I was asked to do the project, I was very excited and I instantly decided to hop aboard. I was told I could use any material, including comics that were already on the site, but a million different ideas came to mind, so I decided to do a little backstory set in the Ancients' times. You'll get to read a little bit about Little Wolf's father and what actually happened to him, and who the other Ancients were, and what made them disappear from Fandar completely (well, almost!)

I was allowed to do up to 10 pages per issue, but I decided to break the story down into four 6-page increments. Anyway, stay tuned to for more updates!

Also, I have changed the payment gateway for the comics section to accept Bitpass payments. This is a good thing, because it allows me to accept small payments with lower fees than Paypal, so I'll have more money to put towards merchandise and web space! Also, Scott McCloud, author Understanding Comics uses it, so it can't be all bad!

New Legends Fantasy 2.0 Website Unveiled!

Monday April 19, 2004

After completing Legends Fantasy 1.0 and seeing the finished product, I felt it didn't exactly fit the Legends style, so I revamped it again. It's better than that FilthyWeb crap I had before, I'll tell you that. (Just kidding, Filthius, I loved it. Please don't mutilate me.) Anyway, 10 all-new pages were added to the Sketchbook, so go check it out right away. I'll post again soon with more news on the upcoming anthology Legends will be featured in! Also, don't forget to submit your fantasy art featuring a Legends character for the contest to win a brand spanking new t-shirt! The deadline is May 31st!

Send in Some Legends Fan Art by May 31st, 2004 and You Could Win a Free
Monday April 12, 2004

Filthius, Fandar's fierce executioner and educator here! I'm back to tell you, and everybody else what to do and when to do it. What's that? You're here to see fantasy art? You thought you would be able to download a comic online? Feh! You speak nonsense! My blade hand has been getting an itch, so send me your fan art, and you may be spared. You'll probably get your art shown on a special gallery page here at Oh, yeah, and you'll get a brand spanking new Legends t-shirt for free! You heard me, for free! Oh, now we're not so testy, are we? Well, here's the deal! It's easy, so try to wrap your little brain around it, okay? Draw up your pretty little fantasy picture, based on a Legends character, (including but not limited to the characters on the characters page), and email it to this address. No fan art? No t-shirt! You send fan art, and we'll talk about the t-shirt. And, I don't cut off your head...and make you dead...and fill your neck hole full of cornbread. Ha, ha, ha! Sorry, couldn't resist.

Pick the Final T-Shirt Fantasy Artwork for Your Favorite Comic Online!!

Monday April 05, 2004

There's all kinds of stuff going on right now, so I'll try to fit as much in as I can. Okay, first I'll start out with some really cool news. Legends is going to be involved in a 200 or so page anthology project. More news to come.

Also, if you haven't noticed, all the fantasy comic goodness has moved to a new web address permanently. will be no more after June, and will be the permanent address. All this means is cheaper web space for me (whew!!) So, please, please update your links and bookmarks immediately!!

Last, check out the new T-Shirt sketches I finished at work tonight. The first one (A.) is just a fairly simple design of Little Wolf and the Legends logo. B. shows the entire (human) cast of Legends. C. is a simpler design, showing the coat of arms for the Realmwalkers. D. is the stained glass-type logo with the Legends 'L' behind Little Wolf. E. is the "Don't Get Stoned" shirt, with Angor showin' his muscular physique, ready to lay down the thrashin'. F. is "The Pen...or the Sword?" design, with Wolfien getting ready to chop off some beurocrat heads. And, finally, there's the "Rock On" design, with Wolfie about to chop off some Gorolon head. Tell me what you think in my little Cbox to the right.


Tuesday March 30, 2004

Okay, I know you're going to think I'm full of it, but you'll thank me by the end of it. Since I favor Harry Potter in no way, I got to thinking about who I would play in a major motion picture. I was looking at photos for the new Hellboy movie, Hellboyand I was just thinking about how they made a biiiiig mistake in their casting. I know, I know, the release date is coming up on April 2nd, but I went ahead and consulted my Mighty Morphin' Machine, and it created what Hellboy would have looked like if he were played by yours truly. It may seem a little hard to grasp at first, you may think I even look like a balding, beer-drinking old coot. But once you're used to the idea, it becomes almost...appealing in a strange, trailer park sort of way.

Harry Potter in Disguise?

Saturday March 27, 2004

comic online, fantasy art work, fantasy art comic
Okay, as you may know, I am told constantly that I look just like Harry Potter when I wear my glasses. These rumors are untrue and unfounded, and I would like to clear them up right now.Using high-tech photo imaging technology, I was able to generate a true to life picture of what would happen if I were to become Harry Potter and my family was Harry Potter's closest friends, Hermione and Ron Weasley. This is to prove you all wrong. There is no resemblance between myself and Harry Potter whatsoever. Now, when someone says I look like Harry Potter, I will have hard evidence that I resemble him in no way, shape, or form. Prepare to eat your words, all of you. Click on the image to see the truth. And remember: I didn't say it was going to be pretty...

Fun With Phone Calls

Thursday March 25, 2004

Working at a call center sucks sometimes. I take calls for a retail credit card, and let me tell you, it can turn up the juice on your stress-o-meter. I mean, it can be rewarding sometimes, but more often than not, people call with a complaint about their bill. The other day, I answered the phone politely, eager to help this fine person with their problem. That's why I'm there, after all. My job is to help the customers understand their statements, and to help fix any problem they might have. On the other end of the line is a lady, saying there is a charge on her bill that she did not make, and she wasn't going to f#@*ing pay it, that I had better take it off immediately. I told her I would be happy to look at her statement to see what may have happened. Well, the account was under someone else's name. As professionally and apologetically as I could, I told her that due to third-party laws, I would need to get permission from the primary cardholder for her to speak on his behalf. That did not go over well. She was the cardholder's spouse, and I was to take off this charge right now, or she was going to get a lawyer involved. Again, I apologized, and said that in order to discuss legal matters on her husband's statement, I would need his permission, if he was available. Well, here comes the man of the house. The conversation went kind of like this:
"What in the h#!! do you want, you @*&hole?"
"Excuse me? What can I help you with? Your wife called me."
"You're going to speak to my wife about this g@$ d@#* bill, you little son of a *&@$!
(oops, my finger slipped) [click]
I guess I'm a little bit evil, but sometimes I like to harass them a little bit before I "accidentally" hang up. I have taken tons of calls like this. Not as much these days, but I used to work in roadside assistance, and when people are broken down, they can get prrrrretttty irritable. I'll post more calls one day.

New Links, New Wallpapers

Monday March 15, 2004

Hello! I uploaded some new wallpapers. There are three, each displaying the covers for issues 1-3. Check them out at the downloads section. Also, I am building onto my links page, so if you know of a good link that should be there, let me know!

Update From Little Wolf

Monday March 15, 2004

Little Wolf here. I learned to use this key thing with all the letters on it, so I thought I would let you in on what's going on in Fandar. If you haven't been reading the comics, a lot has happened lately. After finding my village destroyed, my party headed out to find the 4 elementals-earth, wind, fire, and water. We ran into a group Goralon troops, who are a bunch of ugly, rock-skinned half-wits that can change you into one of them by exposing the skin under their crusty outer layer. I hate those things. They make me want to chop them into tiny little pieces and serve them to the rest of their kind as entrees.

     I have learned that I am somehow a descendant of the Ancients, who have awesome powers, but I haven't exactly learned to master mine yet. We were saved from a horde of Goralons by these two nerdy little guys, Horlinger and Meego. They're really cool, though. Horlinger is really smart, and Meego has a really good memory. They pilot this airship, called the Soaring Maiden. We were like, going to fall off of this cliff, and they came up, like, Whoosh, and then Deandra started to fall, then...well, I guess you better read the comic.

     Filthius the executioner is somewhere trying to think of a plan to replace the new web page with his own, scheming a way to take over the internet. JT is hard at work scribing our adventures, and trying to stop Filthius from ambushing him and decapitating him while he's working, but I'm sure he will have another update soon...

Kickin' it With a New Design

Sunday March 07, 2004

Here it is, the unveiling of the new site design - LegendsFantasy 1.0! One new feature you will notice is the "Commissions" page. I am now doing some work on the side for the sheer fun of drawing comics. I'm using the proceeds to pay for web page costs. If you have a favorite character (Legends or non-Legends) that you would like to have a custom-drawn fully-inked picture of, feel free to email me. Another page is the "About me" page. Here, you will find out more about me and what's wrong with my brain.
     I am still hard at work on the new comic book, chapter 4 of "Secret of the Ancients," and it's coming along pretty well. I have completed about half of the pages in rough pencils, but all of the pages are already laid out and ready to be drawn. I hope to have it finished by, oh, the end of this millenium if I'm lucky.
     Also, be sure to read the post below from 03/02. You can help save the world of Fandar =)

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