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Book 1: Secret of the Ancients

The world of Fandar is beset by an evil stone-skinned tyrant who vows to change his rivals into Goralons like himself, causing them to become his mindless slaves. Little Wolf, a young cub from Lobath in Greyhaven, is the descendant of one of Fandar's greatest protectors, and is foretold by the Tome of the Ancients to be the one to free the people from the scourge who calls himself Thagnon.

Teoh, Thagnon's top general, helps further the cause as he leads his troops from Greyhaven's rival providence of Sullenmire to conquer all who oppose them.

Little Wolf meets a wanderer named Joroh and a princess named Deandra, as they set out on a journey to end the coming plague against all mankind.

Chapter 2: Fuel for the Fire

After seeing his village being attacked by Thagnon's goralon troops and Teoh's army, Little Wolf fights back in a blind rage. His newfound companions attempt to stop him, but before they know it, the village is beset by a stone behemoth who calls himself a god.

Chapter 1: A Meeting of Heroes

A terrible evil is befalling the world of Fandar as the young cub named Little Wolf is asked to stand up against it. The evil Thagnon, a goralon tyrant, gathers his armies to attack and bring about the downfall of all mankind. Little Wolf is approached by his village\'s leader, Chief Drachian, to run an errand for him in the capitol city of Valtuska. Drachian quickly sends him away when General Teoh arrives at Little Wolf\'s door. While in Valtuska, Little Wolf meets a wanderer named Joroh, and the lovely Princess Deandra who plan to come with him. They journey with him back to his village, but nothing could prepare them for what happens next.
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