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I am Not a Legend

But I have been a superhero, fighting crime, alien races, and super villains since I was 14. I started Legends years ago. I hadn't decided whether to make it into a graphic novel or do a monthly comic book, but of course it wouldn't work as a monthly book because of my errant schedule, and it probably wouldn't now because of the same reason. Legends has fallen by the wayside a few times over the years, but I love the story and I have a lot of time invested in the book, so I hope to have the chance to work on it until I finish it.

I am constantly creating. Over the years, I have collected countless sketches, stories, plots, and ideas in sketchbooks, notebooks, and computer documents and I have only actually put a few into production just for the love of doing comics. Legends was one of the first of these ideas, and as you can see, one of my favorites. After finishing about one 24-page Legends story per year for 3 years, I finally got discouraged and moved on to one of my other creations, 3 Witches in 2004. Over the years, I have experimented with new drawing and coloring techniques. Using a Wacom tablet for most of the art done for 3 Witches, I thought my production time should be shortened by the streamlined process of saving all my work to disk digitally. But, after 8 years or so of this philosophy, I finally figured out I was a stupid-head and went back to traditional drawing, not realizing how much faster and streamlined the old method was.

Also, I found that I could make money doing my own websites. I continue to maintain those sites on a regular basis. I like to program and make new gadgets for my websites, and finding new ways of making things work with less effort, and making things that make things. I guess that is why I decided to revamp the Legends website and it exists in the state it is now.

But another thing I learned the hard way was that creating websites doesn't take the place of creating comics. I have always wanted to write and draw comics, and I would daresay that need to create and tell stories will stick with me until I die. I have always wished there was more time in my life to work on my comics, and I hated to stop creating new stories for Legends after working on it so hard for so long.

But, over the years, I have worked with other creators and gained a lot of experience writing and drawing, and I think I can bring a lot more to the series. In 2004, I had started running into a lot of walls with Legends, and it seemed like I would have to draw the series out longer and longer to explain things, and I thought that would just cause the reader to start wondering where I was going with the story, and I gave up. I just gave up. I felt like if I was going to write the epic I wanted Legends to be, I had an obligation to do it right, and I couldn't do that with the ideas I was coming up with. Frustrated, I started the carefree and out of this world series that was 3 Witches. In a way, I think it was a way of getting away from the responsibility I felt for Legends, and I still sooo enjoy doing stories for it as well. Check it out, you just might like it too.

But now down to business again. I'm back, this time hopefully for good, and I hope to finish the first story arc of Legends and I hope to meet my own expectations for the ending for the story. Thanks for checking it out, and I hope you'll stick around until it's finished.

J.T. Blevins

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