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Working My Fingers to the Bone

Saturday March 02, 2013

So, here I am 13 years after starting the Legends comic book series, and I am finding myself getting back into writing and drawing the fantastic tales that I began so long ago. Over the years in my absence from the series, I feel like I have learned a lot, or at least I hope I have, about the intricacies of writing and drawing comics and I know that will show in the new stories I have planned. In the last month or so, I have drawn over half of the next story in the series, written a "Legends Bible," and have planned out 2 more issues, and I am leading up to the finale for this story arc. I have also taken the old web design and laid out the new website around it, adding new features and automating many of the tasks that used to take me so long to complete.

Hopefully you will like the new site, and the new stories I am planning. I am still working on adding the pages from the first three chapters, and I have the ability to put them into print format for the first time, but that is something I haven't completely decided on yet. I need to hire some goblin assistants to do my bidding, but for some reason, I haven't been able to find any. Goblins are so elusive, as you probably know.

Anyway, in the future, you can expect to find more pages from the upcoming chapters, more sketchbook pages, and merchandise in the store. If you haven't yet, pick up some items in the Legends store and help fund the printing of the Legends comics. Thank you, and if you see a goblin about, please be sure and send him my way. I can offer candy bars and snack cakes as payment...

Welcome to Legends - An Epic Fantasy Online Comic!

Thursday December 01, 2005

Welcome to, the home of Legends, a fantasy adventure comic available online! Legends is more than a just a comic book, though. In its pages, you will find action, romance, humor, bigger-than-life monsters, evil kings, deception, and much more in a new fantasy epic myth that anyone can enjoy! The tale of Little Wolf and his adventures is in some ways a coming of age story about the hardships of growing up and taking on new responsibilities. His entire life his fantasy was to become a swordsman in a powerful army. Now, he is suddenly thrown into an inescapable position to become Fandar's greatest swordsman and stop the evil Goralon king, Thagnon, from taking the world for his own. His plan is to turn all of the land's inhabitants into Goralons, which are mindless, rock-skinned creatures who forget their past and live only for the glory of their master.

     Little Wolf's mother and sister end up missing after a raid on their village. This becomes his driving force throughout his long and perilous journey. He finds early on that he carries the power of the Ancients, or Realmwalkers, whose powers were the main force in driving evil out of Fandar long ago. After a short display of his abilities, Little Wolf has to find a way to cope with his destiny, and to somehow harness this energy. Drachian, the village elder, decides to go along with Little Wolf and his party, and doesn't take no for an answer. He is a powerful magic user. In his old age, he is very wise, but his short fuse sometimes gets the best of him. Joroh becomes Little Wolf's closest friend. His defining trait is his his sense of humor, which is a contrast to Little Wolf's personality, which sometimes tends to be a little more serious and straightforward. Deandra, the princess of Valtuska, meets Little Wolf and Joroh as she is trying to run away from the responsibilities of being a member of the royal family. She finds she is not used to having to deal with the everyday responsibilities of everyone else outside the kingdom, and her hot temper doesn't tend to make her troubles any easier. The party's main objective becomes to seek out the four elementals: earth, wind, fire, and water, to penetrate Thagnon's lair and gain an advantage in his defeat.

     Thagnon's lead general is the evil Teoh, a ruthless, power-hungry man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He is assisted by two of the most incapable warriors in Thagnon's kingdom of Gothmar, Ben and Gawotinolius. Thagnon's right-hand man, or goblin, is Volgo, who is somewhat socially retarded, but a fairly bright creature. His job is to decode the stolen Tome of the Ancients, which Thagnon believes will guide him to domination over the world of Fandar!

     New users, start by reading the comic online. Click on the "Comics" button on the main menu to go to the downloadable Comics section. Also, don't forget to add a bookmark so you won't miss out on the newest stories!

Buy Singed Tentacle Comic Ebooks, the New Age of Comics

Tuesday November 29, 2005

I love comics. I love webcomics. I love comic books. I love ebooks. This being said, Singed Tentacle Comics is now offering Comic Ebooks for both of its titles, Legends and 3 Witches!

Currently, "Legends" is the flagship title, presented at the new 3 Witches online store, which also includes 3 Witches comic samples, as well. You'll thank me for not having to read them in your web browser any more.

No, really. Comic Ebooks offer high-resolution imaging, as compared to viewing comics on websites, which have limited space and bandwidth.

If comics are going to explore an electronic format, they should move beyond web browsers, to programs which will the reader can get into the story, just like in print comics.

Also, webcomics aren't collectible. They offer collectible merchandise, but they aren't collectible themselves, unless you want to go through all of the trouble of saving each and every one of a website's images to disk. Then you would have a collection of random images on your hard drive. How much fun is that?

Comic Ebooks offer all of the pages in one file. Readers are able to organize their favorite comics, and not have to keep up with hundreds of pages of files.

They are also available to readers offline. You can save comic ebooks to disk, and read them without having to be online.

Considering all of the benefits of comic ebooks, Singed Tentacle is proud to bring you the latest in comic viewing pleasure! Be sure to check them out at the Singed Tentacle Comics Comic Ebook store now!


Jobhunt Complete

Sunday October 16, 2005

After only a few days of looking, I have finally found a new job, which is quite an improvement over my last one! I am now working at a pharmaceutical company that makes antibiotics, etc. I never knew how bad customer service jobs sucked until I got this new job. I don't have to get yelled at every 10 minutes, and my coworkers are friendly. What's up with that? I'm only a temp right now, but I have applied for a permanent position, and I believe I typed one heck of a cover letter, so I'm confident I will get it!

Also,  another piece of big news is that I have been doing some freelance work in the last couple of weeks, and looking for a new colorist for For more on that, check out the website. But what this is leading up to is the fact that I have landed a deal to design space ships and background images for a game company! I will be working on this maybe for the next 6 months, along with 3 Witches, and everything else. Aaaaah. Life is good. Let's just hope it stays that way.   : |

On a Jobhunt

Friday September 23, 2005

I know I haven't posted an update lately, but as you know, the new 3witches website is now up and running, and I have been very busy with that, and other things. One other thing would be my day job. I had been employed by a hereby unnamed credit card company (just try to stay out of the City to Bank) for over 6 years, when I found out today that I no longer had a job. The reasons I was discharged are very complicated, but they tried to simplify it greatly, like any large corporation would. In the end, I gave them an hour and a half explanation why I was right and they were wrong, but I never had a chance, because they had "the man" on their side. I feel tons better though, now that I have been able to get everything off my chest that had been bothering me for a couple of years.

I loved my job before my old department was phased out, but I was put under the supervision of some people who thought that since I was a quiet person, they could treat me any way they wanted. I have been holding back a lot of stuff for a very long time, and it really felt good to "stick it to the man" today. I mean, corporations think that since they have thousands and thousands of employees, they hold all of the cards, and they don't have to play by the rules. And, if you're not favored in the eyes of "the man," then they all try to get you out of their little miniature government as quick as they can.

Anyway, I won't rant about this because what's done is done, and no matter what, I will always have the satisfaction knowing that I stood my ground, and whether management at [hereby unnamed company] wants to admit it or not, I had a perfectly valid case, and I proved every point. I printed out an outline of things that backed up my case, which I used in my defense. I asked for proof of what I supposedly did several times, and they still could not produce any kind of evidence whatsoever, yet they claimed to have it right there in their hands. I was being fired to be made an example of, I am sure of it, because they could only state procedures, etc, etc, when my stats had been spectacular for many months. They tried to say I did things on purpose, somehow "inflating" my stats, when they had admitted that small amounts of deviation when I was on the phone would even out throughout a month's time, and wouldn't really matter.

All I know is that this puts me, my wife, and my daughter in a bind, so if you can spare any amount of money, please find it within yourself to use the donation button to the right of this web page to make a small donation. Or, you could choose to not donate, and then you would only be giving in to the power of "the man." ;)

Please keep us in your prayers. If you have any comments you would like to share, please send an email to:, or post a comment on my tagboard above.

On a Witchunt

Tuesday September 06, 2005

I have taken a couple of weeks off (sort of) so that I would have time to recover after having my wisdom teeth taken out. Of course, I put it to good use and used that time to design the webpage for, which is the website for my new comic, 3 Witches! If you just clicked the link above, you're probably wondering why there is nothing there. It's because I have also spent the last few weeks trying to set up my Comic Genesis account. I have registered, and activated everything, but I have never been able to log in. I have tried everything to get it reset, but the admins for Comic Genesis have been checking it out, and we still haven't been able to get my account operational.


Regardless, I'm still trying to get everything set up and fixed. And, when it's all set up, it'll definitely all be worth it!

Here I Am, Rock You Like a Hurricane!

Monday August 15, 2005

I haven't updated in a while, so I figured I would go ahead and do so. Not only have I been painting a lot lately, but I have also been working on a new comic book. I will always be working on Legends, and it will always be unfinished. But, I feel like to grow as an artist, I need to expand and create something new. However, I am in no way giving up on doing this comic. I have already invested too much to just give it up before I end the "Secret of the Ancients" and "Generation's Dawning" story arcs. Repeat, stay tuned! There will be more comix!

Next on the list of topics is Bounce Magazine. I haven't heard from Adrian, the editor, in a couple of months, and the website has been down, so I have no idea if he continues to pursue Bounce or not. The first two issues have already been released, with at least four more hopefully to be released. I have completed 4 of 6 parts of "Legends: Generation's Dawning" for Bounce Magazine so far. I will keep checking on the website's status, so hopefully we'll find out about the upcoming issues soon.

Also, I am glad to hear that Buzzcomix is back up! Buzzcomix is one of the finer webcomix lists, which allows you to customize, vote, and review comics and your favorites list. Definitely check it out! (Oh, and vote for me here!)

Latest Project Now Complete

Thursday June 30, 2005

After over a month of work on and off (about 20 hours of work, actually), my latest mural is now complete!

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