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     07-2004 Some of the Legends characters may have cutsie cartoon appeal, but don't be fooled. There's a sword-slinging, butt-kicking fiasco just waiting to happen. If you have followed the online comic series starring the black-furred Little Wolf, then you already know that just about anything can happen, including magic spells, technological wonders, and a cursed king who wants revenge by spreading his evil across the land.
     In September, Legends creator J.T. Blevins will join up alongside 23 other online comics creators from all over the world to be included in the upcoming Bounce Magazine, an anthology published by Bounce Comics to collect stories from some of the internet's hottest comics writers and artists. The first issue of the anthology series will feature comic titles from many genres of comics, including humor strips, fantasy, manga, horror, alternative, and more.
     The anthology is unique in that it will be marketed and distributed almost 100% via the internet. The project's success lies in the fact that the series included in the anthology are already established comics, and are backed by thousands of online fans.
     The Legends story arc, "Generation's Dawning" will appear in several segments throughout the first few issues of Bounce Magazine. It will tell of how the Realmwalkers, once the protectors of the world of Fandar, disappeared completely without a trace. "Throughout the segments, you begin to find that the plot involves much more than just a bunch of fantasy superheroes dying out," says Blevins, " It goes much deeper than that. The story is about the Realmwalkers' relationships with one another, and how they are affected up until their parting. You also find out why they disappear, and who is behind it." For more information on Bounce Magazine and Legends online fantasy comics, go to and

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